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Akoma Hound Heater | Don’t Leave Man’s Best Friend Out in the Cold

With a push of a button your most loyal companion will spend the winter in warmth and comfort. The Akoma Hound Heater furnace is a heater that goes in your dog house.  Really– a dog house heater!  With the Hound Heater you will no longer have to check the weather forecast every night to see if you need to bring your dog in.  Simply set the thermostat to your desired temperature and rest easy knowing your pet is safe and warm. Not only is the hound heater convenient, but by having an accurate thermostat that hound heater is also energy efficient.   This dog house heater only turns on when needed.  The Akoma Hound Heater is:

  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Energy Efficient
  • Simple to install in any dog house
  • The best gift you could give to your pet.

Give the gift of good health and comfort. Don’t wait, the nights are turning colder.
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akoma hound heater

"Last night I went outside to check on the dog houses to make sure the pup hasn't ripped the curtains off again and the thermometer reads 65 degrees in the big dog house where they both snuggle up together in this weather. Amazing Hound Heater. I love that thing."

− LaRae- St Joseph, MN

"Your product is excellent, and it keeps my dog's house heated at just the right temperature, despite the -25 temperatures that are a regular part of winter in Winnipeg. This gives me peace of mind to know that my dog is warm, yet not overheated despite the outside cold. I'm glad to have it, and consider it a necessity for any dog owner who has a full time outside dog."

− Dan Leveille

"Just installed my hound heater yesterday; woke up this morning and it was -12 degrees outside; so thank you for your wonderful product. Usually I end up putting my dogs into my shed when it's this cold and running a heater in the shed but now I don't have to do that. Thanks again for your wonderful product!"

− David Mendoza

"I have a young English pointer, the last few days the weather has been very cold (around -25), it is nice not having to worry about the weather when I leave for work knowing he will be fine outside with his warm dog house. Keep up the good work and for those of you who are thinking about purchasing one, you will get an excellent product with GREAT customer service."

− Dustin Alleman

"I wanted to let you know that we bought a Hound Heater and we LOVE it!! We have a beagle that is afraid of everything but this heater has given him no fear at all. And our basset hound loves it too. It keeps our dog house at the perfect temperature no matter what the outside weather is like. Thanks for such a marvelous product!"

− Gina

"What a great product !! I just recently received the Hound Heater, and installed it in our kennel inside our garage (which is not heated). Our temperatures in Northern Indiana have been hovering around 10-30 degrees. The heater works great, it creates a nice environment for our dog while we are away. At night when the dog is inside the house, our outdoor cats go into the kennel to stay warm. I feel it is a safe product, and have no fear of leaving it on while we're not at home. Thanks!"

− Kent Herriott - Fort Wayne, IN

"I need another Hound Heater. You wouldn't believe it. My dogs are best of friends but they actually started fighting over the house with the Hound Heater in it!"

− M. Bischoff- Big Lake, MN

Hound Heater Standard vs. Deluxe

The Hound Heater Furnace features a clever installation design that hides the cord from hungry mouths.
However, in installations where it’s not possible to hide the cord, the Hound Heater Deluxe model features a heavy duty, chew proof cord. No one is eating this cord! Other than the chew proof cord, the hound heater deluxe model is identical to the standard hound heater model.

Smartly Designed Hound Heater

  • Hound heater easily heats up to 32 cubic feet or smaller
  • Set it and forget it thermostat for utmost comfort, convenience, and energy savings
  • Heat shield both disperses heat and protects for safety
  • Thermo sensing bulb reads ambient temperature for ultimate accuracy
  • Premium safety- no sharp edges and won’t burn your pet
  • 150 watts of power for the harshest of climates (draws 1.3 amps)
  • 110 Volt
  • 10″ x 10″ x 4.5″

Built to Last

  • The Akoma hound heater is made of 16 ga. powder coated steel.
  • Thermostat is designed to last 100,000 cycles and can be set between 30 F and 100 F.
  • The heating element shares the same long life and is user replaceable.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

People love the Akoma Hound Heater furnace. Pets love the hound heater even more.  If, however, for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase we offer a 30 day standard return policy. Simply contact us for a return authorization and once we receive the product back we’ll be happy to issue a refund. All sales are backed by a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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The Dramatic Effects of the Akoma Hound Heater

  • Outside Temp.

  • Dog House Temp.

  • Dog House Temp. w/ Hound Heater

  • Your Warm Pet's Happiness


Hound Heater Installation

Fast, Easy Installation

The Akoma Hound Heater installs in minutes. Simply drill a hole for the power cord, mount the unit, set the thermostat, and rest easy knowing your pet is safe and warm.

If you have any questions about installing your Akoma Hound Heater, please reference the following documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

What size pet house is the Hound Heater designed for?

The Hound Heater Dog Furnace is perfect for a well insulated dog house up to 32 cubic feet. Naturally, there are many important factors to consider: how cold is it outside? how well insulated is my dog house? Does it have a door? Because the Hound Heater is controlled by a thermostat, it can easily be installed in smaller dog houses as well! Once the preset temperature is reached it simply shuts off and will automatically turn back on.

Can I install the hound heater in an igloo style house?

Yes! It mounts the same as it would in a square house. Please reference the instruction guide for igloo style mounting. When mounting in an igloo style house you will want to use nuts, bolts, and washers instead of screws. The back of the hound heater stays cool so melting the plastic is not a concern.

How do I determine the size of my house?

To determine cubic feet simply multiple length x width x height. For example: 4 ft. long x 2 ft. wide x 2 ft. tall = 16 cubic feet.

My dog loves to chew. Should I be worried?

No! The cord comes out the back center of the Hound Heater. It’s designed to be installed so that the dog won’t have access to the cord. If you are in a situation where it’s not possible to hide the cord, we recommend the deluxe model that has an industrial strength chew proof cord.
Did you know the hound heater practically pays for itself?  A study conducted at Nestle Purina Pet Care Center(published in Gun Dog Magazine Dec. 08 – Jan., Feb. 09) demonstrated that outdoor dogs require- on average- 14% more calories for every 20 degree drop in temperature.  Further, the study found that hard working dogs need 80% more food in winter compared to summer.  That’s almost twice as much food!  With the Akoma hound heater, you can keep your dog warm and fed.